Week 7

Oct 19th @ 10am
  • Green Bay Packers October 26 @ 5:30pm New Orleans Saints
  • Chicago Bears Nov 9th @ 5:30pm Green Bay Packers
  • Philidelphia Eagles Nov 16th @ 10:00am Green Bay Packers
  • Green Bay Packers Nov 23rd @ 10:00am Minnesota Vikings

A Window Between Worlds

We are going to have face painters to get you all painted up before and during the game. How cool is that and it's for a GREAT CAUSE. B...

31 Aug

#lacheeseheads use it!

Starting this year you can now use the hashtag #lacheeseheads on your Instagram posts and they will magically show up on the home page!...

30 Aug

The Packers @ the seapigeons

week one?! week one?! is it already week one?! yes it is and you know what that means. it means the day we have been desperately waitin...

29 Aug


Beers. Brats. Packers. That is what we are about. The L.A. Cheeseheads have been celebrating the greatest franchise in football since 2008 and are proud to be the largest Packers viewing group outside of Wisconsin. We are currently located in Santa Monica and you can find the Packers faithful cheering on our team every week at Mom’s Bar on Santa Monica Blvd. If you found this site, live in the Los Angeles area, and are a Packers faithful, then you have found home. Welcome to the L.A. Cheeseheads. Where Green Bay meets L.A. Welcome to Lambeau West.

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6 hours ago
when football lets you down... http://t.co/2qkgwj3OZ1
5 days ago
RT @packers: #Packers fans greeted the team at the airport Sunday night. More: http://t.co/6Pz9ZY11BS http://t.co/K4CRCUdkqt
5 days ago
@SoulzOnFyr haha just like a loudmouthed seachicken fan. don't worry I'll be back to bust your balls after the chickens lose the bowl.
5 days ago
@SoulzOnFyr you obviously beat your wife. oh wait, you probably live alone (because you beat your wife and she left you.) #foodforthought
6 days ago
@SoCalSeahwksFns just do us all a favor and beat those cheating ass pats. just make sure you weigh the balls. http://t.co/bbt6LiI81j

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